50 Ducks Feeding The Homeless

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Why did I start with chickens well doesn't everyone when they get the idea of raising their own healthy food

If you watch my Vlog below you will see how this led to the ducks coming into my life.

2012 Free Range (Yarding) Chicken Vlog

After watching so many factory farm animal abuse videos on YouTube over the winter of 2011-2012 I just couldn't bring myself to keep feeding the system anymore that was causing so much pain and suffering to animals we eat.

I couldn't stop what was going on but I could vote with my wallet so I decided to get 100 day old chicks and try and raise my own chickens, converted the dog pen to a chicken pen and off I started my adventure.

2013 Hatching Chickens Vlog

I knew after watching so many videos on YouTube that simply buying day old chicks from hatcheries was damn near as bad as the meat producing part of the very system I wanted no part of.

So the previous year (2012) I kept some birds from my original 100 chicks I bought and thought I'd simply hatch my own chickens.

This was a disaster waiting to happen, I knew absolutely nothing.


Ethically Raising Free Range Ducks Live Streamed On YouTube
All Our Meat & Eggs Are Donated To Charity