50 Ducks Feeding The Homeless

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Raising Free Range Ducks To Feed The Homeless
November 2015 -  April 2016

Well it's that time of year again and time to get ready for another crazy cold Canadian winter with the ducks.

Can we make it through another winter & hatch over 1,000 ducks in the spring & raise them during the summer, then donate them to the homeless shelter & daily Vlog as much as humanly possible.... Can I do it?

The homeless shelter had a roasted duck supper but I couldn't make it Good Shepherd Mission

April - November 2016

Spring is here the ducks are laying lots of eggs and the plan is to hatch as many ducklings as possible, any eggs we don't try to hatch we are donating to the local food bank.

We had a great season here except for the snapping turtle problem, expanded the duck's pen and fed a lot of homeless people once again Good Shepherd Mission


Ethically Raising Free Range Ducks Live Streamed On YouTube
All Our Meat & Eggs Are Donated To Charity