50 Ducks Feeding The Homeless

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Breeding and Hatching lots of Ducks was the plan...
January - May 2014

The plan was to make it through the winter and try and hatch 2,000 - 2,500 ducklings from the adult ducks from the previous season.

Well you know the saying "If it can go wrong it will go wrong" and the ducks and I were in store for some nasty problems and mistakes.

May - August 2014

I purchased a huge 1,134 duck egg incubator from China, and the plan was to build a 600 duck egg Hatcher and try and actually hatch a ton of ducklings.

 Needless to say lots went wrong...

August - December 2014
Well I managed even with absolutely everything going wrong to hatch over 700 ducks, now the fun begins with the ducks on the lake.

This fall turned out to be absolutely mind blowing fun with the flock but I had lots of problems, but still had a blast.


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