50 Ducks Feeding The Homeless

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Raising Free Range Ducks To Feed The Homeless
December 2014 - April 2015

This is my 3rd season of breeding and raising my own waterfowl for my own food.

But this year I hope to hatch 1,000 free range ducks to live a beautiful free life on my private lake.

All the ducks we raise this year except for what I need to feed myself are getting donated to the homeless shelter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

April - July 2015

Now it's time to start collecting eggs and get the hatching process under way, I'm hoping this year to have less problems than I had last year.

Going to try and hatch over 1,000 ducks and some geese, unfortunately I'm still learning and having problems.

July - November 2015
We've successfully hatched over 680 Ducks and with the support and generosity of some very serious YouTube fans we had a lot of fun watching the ducks grow up on the lake.

We succeed in accomplishing our goal of donating the ducks to the Good Shepherd Mission Toronto

And now it time to get ready for another winter here.


Ethically Raising Free Range Ducks Live Streamed On YouTube
All Our Meat & Eggs Are Donated To Charity